Tucker Points Out Hypocrisy Of Congressman Lewis’ Tribute To McCain

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy of Congressman John Lewis on his show Monday night for sharing a sentimental tribute to the late Senator John McCain after viscerally attacking him during the 2008 presidential campaign.


“On one level it’s amusing because these are the very same people of course who called John McCain a racist ten years ago for daring to run against the anointed one. A month before that election in 2008, Congressman John Lewis and Georgia are compared John McCain to George Wallace and then try to connect him to the 1963 Birmingham church bombings if you can imagine,” Carlson stated.

Similarly to Lewis, many members of the media also shared touching tributes, even after they attacked him leading up to that presidential election. (RELATED: The Media Shares Tributes To Senator McCain Even After Ridiculing Him For Years)

“Fast forward to this weekend. Lewis described McCain probably the most hawkish senator in American history as ‘A warrior for peace. He will be deeply missed by people all around the world.’ In other words, never mind a racist stuff, it was never personal,” he continued.

“For the left, everything is about political expedience, even obituaries. More troubling though, more interesting too, to claim that you will think it’s despicable not to mourn Senator McCain in a certain way,” Carlson concluded.

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