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California Poised For 2 More Lifetime Firearm Bans

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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California is on the brink of initiating even tougher gun laws. On Monday, the state legislature approved three bills, one of which mandates that anyone convicted of domestic assault would never be able to legally own a firearm.

As the Los Angeles Times reports, the legislation is now before California Gov. Jerry Brown’s for his approval and signature.

Sunday’s Florida shooting that claimed three lives, including that of the shooter after he shot himself, may have contributed to the legislative swiftness of the bills. California is already known for the severity of its gun laws.

In addition to the lifetime ban for domestic assault convictions, a second bill contains a lifetime ban for people ordered by a court to seek psychiatric intervention twice in one year, and the third demands that anyone seeking a concealed weapon permit must first be instructed in its use and pass a live-fire test.

State Republicans against the concealed weapon bill say the legislation is vague in terms of how much instruction a permit-seeker could be forced to complete in order to be eligible for the privilege.

“If you want to have a loaded gun in public, you need to show that you know what you are doing,” Democratic Assemblyman Todd Gloria told The Times.

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