Former Clinton Campaign Staffer Defends The Steele Dossier

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Clinton campaign official Adrienne Elrod claimed the Steele dossier is factually correct, despite being proven false, during a panel on Outnumbered, Tuesday afternoon.


“Is it appropriate for someone who is working in the Department of Justice to be in contact with an opposition research firm that was being paid by the Clinton campaign?” Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich asked.

“Well, we do know that wife worked there, right? Washington, D.C., is a small place,” Former Hillary Clinton campaign official Adrienne Elrod said.

Earlier this week, Lanny Davis said that Michael Cohen has never been to Prague, despite it saying so in the Steele dossier. (RELATED: Lanny Davis: Michael Cohen Never Went To Prague As Steele Dossier Claims)

“No, no, no, but directly tied to the Clinton campaign in terms of the funding going to the dossier,” Pavlich responded.

Elrod responded, “Again, we’ve talked about that so many times. It was opposition research, which was in the dossier. So again, you are using fact here — when you’re using facts-based evidence that is backed up by citation, which was what is in the dossier.”

Pavlich shot back, “Are you saying the dossier is true? It’s been proven categorically false.”

“There are absolutely things in the dossier that are true. Absolutely,” Elrod responded.

Elrod then tried changing the direction of the conversation.

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