Don’t Let The Left Ruin Sports, Too

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Brian Darling Liberty Government Affairs
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Political correctness is infecting sports. Many on the Left are trying to play thought police and ruin sports by injecting left-wing politics into a place it does not belong.

Don’t let them.

The recent examples of left-wingers going crazy to impose their values on sports are many. There are two examples: one of a Christian being punished for voicing the beliefs of his religion and one of a race car driver punished for something his dad said decades ago.

We are inching toward a day when each sports league will have a sensitivity police force that will dole out punishments for any perceived verbal slight of a protected class.

America is a nation where we run to sports as an escape from the reality of everyday life – including politics. They day left-wingers are successful in punishing athletes for not toting the politically correct line is the day I stop watching sports and find another escape.

Take, for example, Daniel Murphy and the Cubs. SB Nation’s Whitney McIntosh wrote a screed about Daniel Murphy’s recent trade from the Washington Nationals to the Chicago Cubs. She wrote:

“The Cubs traded for Daniel Murphy this week, hoping for a boost to their offense and a left-handed bat that could do damage to opposing pitchers over the last few weeks of the season. In the process, they acquired a player who has made homophobic comments in the past and has yet to apologize for them. If the trade was bad, their actions since then and the fallout with fans has been worse.”

The trade was actually great for the Cubs because Murphy has hit two home runs and is hitting the cover off the ball since the trade. The only Cubs fans who are angry are the ones obsessed with the politics of sports.

It is likely this one fan who cares, but why would SB Nation give this person a platform to write such a stupid piece. Murphy’s offense is that he said in 2015, “Maybe as a Christian … we haven’t been articulate enough in describing what our actual stance is on homosexuality. We love the people. We disagree with the lifestyle.”

So now, many on the Left seem to want Christians banned from playing sports because they don’t embrace the alphabet soup of alternative lifestyles foisted on the American people.

Do we think this writer will now boycott games? I don’t. I bet this annoying fan will show up and complain loudly that there is a “homophobe” on the Cubs and she will use every opportunity to write and complain about her team because they added one player that she does not like.

Most Cubs fans are happy that they strengthened the team going into the playoffs. Merit-based trades matter to most real fans, but this one crybaby Cubs fan might want to walk away from the sport if her snowflake heart was broken because she learned that a Cub is a practicing Christian.

In an even dumber development, a NASCAR driver was subject to the left wing thought police when he lost a sponsorship because of his father dropping an “N-bomb” decades ago.

The Daily Mail reports that “NASCAR Xfinity driver Conor Daly has lost one of his sponsors because of a racial slur made by his racing driver father in the 1980s before he was even born.”

The report indicated that “the elder Daly, who is a former Indy 500 and Formula One driver, was fired from his job as a WISH-TV racing analyst this week following the news that he had used the N-word in an interview 30 years ago.” That is right – the son of a person who used the N-word thirty years ago lost a sponsorship because the sponsor wanted to get some press and look sensitive.

It is ironic that the same people who applaud NFL players for disrespecting the national anthem to get attention for complaints about America are supportive of efforts to sanction players for not conforming to liberal dogma.

If you are a Christian and you dare to voice your religious beliefs, you are a hater. If your dad dropped the “N-word” in the 80s, you shall pay the price.

If you take a disrespect the national anthem and refuse to honor our flag, then you are a true hero who will be applauded as a civil rights leader. The dumb is strong in these hypocritical leftists who want to impose their beliefs on everybody else through sports.

The left has successfully taken over and ruined Hollywood, now they want to play thought police on our nation’s athletes. Let’s not let liberals ruin sports like they have tried to ruin everything else.

Brian Darling works for Liberty Government Affairs

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