Scarborough Still Hammering Trump For Treatment Of McCain: ‘Clown Who Wouldn’t Lower The Flag’

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is still slamming President Donald Trump for his treatment of the late Sen. John McCain and called the president a “clown” for not lowering the White House flag to half-mast.

“The smallness is of course, it’s of course unrivaled,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” Tuesday. “Secondly, the — I don’t know what word to use. Stupidity? I don’t know that you use stupidity against a man that ran through a field’s 16 Republicans and then beat Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.” (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Cites Bill Clinton As A Shining Example Of Perseverance)

“Derangement?” he continued. “Well, too many words attached to derangement. Too many meanings attached to derangement.”


Scarborough also said Trump should have known his actions would only elevate McCain’s legacy and then made jokes about the Arizona Republican visiting hell and getting compliments from Satan.

“Donald Trump should have known what any other adult in Donald Trump’s position there would have known, which is by doing what he did yesterday, he did nothing but elevate John McCain even more,” Scarborough said. “McCain was laughing at the gates of St. Peter all day yesterday. Or if he decided to take a detour and raise a little hell, he had Lucifer winking at him going, ‘That’s pretty good. You really set that sucker up.'”

“McCain had another day where we all get an opportunity to look at the greatness of his character compared to this clown who wouldn’t even lower the flag to half-mast,” Scarborough concluded.

The White House did in fact lower the flag to half-mast to honor McCain and then after returning it to full-mast, lowered it again. The flag will remain at half-mast until after McCain’s funeral, according to The Daily Beast.

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