Student Charged With Battery After Ripping MAGA Hat Off Classmate’s Head, Slapping Teacher

Mike Brest Reporter
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A California high school student is facing two counts of battery after ripping a fellow student’s MAGA hat off his head and for slapping her teacher, who was trying to de-escalate the situation, on Monday.

The student, Jo-Ann Butler, 17, said the hat is a “racist and hateful symbol,” which is why she decided to make a political statement, CBS 13 reported.

Butler slapped her teacher as he was trying to lead her out of the room.

“Maybe just wake people up in some type of way, because it’s not cool — the environment our classroom is in,” Butler said, according to the CBS affiliate.

“I don’t agree with grabbing someone’s hat and verbally talking to them in that way,” her father, Chris Butler, said. “But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up.”

In addition to the charges, Butler was also suspended from school for a week.

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