‘The Five’ Questions CNN’s Credibility For Standing By Trump Tower Story

(Fox News 8/28/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ “The Five” opened the show on Tuesday by trashing CNN for standing by a story the network broke, even though flaws in their reporting have been exposed.


“This is an amazing blockbuster story, [Brian] Kilmeade. I want you to try to get your head around it. I know it might be tough for you because you are working all the time. But this is CNN’s source contradicting what they said to CNN, so somebody is lying. Do you think this will be on [Brian] Stelter’s Reliable Sources?” Greg Gutfeld stated.

“The question is, is he worried that Michael Cohen put his hand on the Bible and swore that he was telling the truth and said he had nothing to do with this, that Trump knew nothing about this Trump Tower situation. And when he came out now he knows, then Cohen suddenly looks as though he committed perjury. So then he had to backtrack?” Kilmeade added.

Multiple issues have been raised with the story since CNN’s original report that was released on July 27. (RELATED: Lanny Davis Busts CNN — Admits He Was Source For Network’s Debunked Story) 

“Dana, I want to stick to the CNN thing because why not, it’s fun. On that July 2[7] story, CNN said Lanny Davis didn’t make any comment on that. This is from Glenn Greenwald, I’m actually quoting a Glenn Greenwald article. He is right. CNN says Lanny Davis refused to comment so either CNN lied to its audience about Davis or Davis is lying now,” Gutfeld continued.

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