CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Makes Awkward Trump Joke


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN’s Brooke Baldwin made an awkward joke about President Donald Trump on Wednesday that failed to land with her guests.


A CNN panel consisting of Ben Ferguson and Angela Rye were discussing Rep. Ron DeSantis’ “monkey this up” comment about his opponent on Wednesday morning.

The panel agreed that the comment was racially insensitive and Ferguson urged DeSantis to apologize and move on from the remark.

“It is OK to admit that you said something that wasn’t correct. It is OK to say you’re sorry. It is OK to say you’re sorry if you offend someone,” Ferguson asserted.

Baldwin joined the conversation by inserting a joke about the president and his own verbal gaffes.

“Well, speaking of people who are good at mea culpas, let’s talk about the president,” Baldwin said with a smirk and a wink.

When the guests didn’t respond immediately, Baldwin added, “just kidding.”

Ferguson and Rye gave Baldwin a courtesy smile, but neither seemed particularly enamored with the joke.

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