Rachel Maddow Worried DOJ Won’t Be Able To Fight The Russian Mob If Bruce Ohr’s Fired

Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who last month declared that it “feels very palpable” that President Donald Trump is a foreign agent, now thinks the FBI and Department of Justice wont be able to properly investigate Russian intelligence operations, or Russian organized crime if Bruce Ohr is fired.

With the words “The Next Target” in the backdrop Tuesday night, Maddow began discussing Justice Department official Bruce Ohr testifying in a closed door interview with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee about his involvement with Christopher Steele and the Trump dossier.

“Republicans literally came back from summer vacation early to spend the day trying to destroy Bruce Ohr,” Maddow claimed.

Maddow went on to say, “When they went after Peter Strzok they were going after the top counter intelligence official at the FBI, with experience in breaking up Russian intelligence operations on U.S. soil. In going after Bruce Ohr today, they are trying to take out one of American law enforcement’s top experts on Russian organized crime.”

Maddow failed to mention Strzok was fired earlier this month after an inspector general report investigating politically charged text messages made by Strzok. Some of the widely reported messages included Strzok calling Trump an “idiot,” and vowing to “stop” Trump from being elected.

Maddow continued speculating what would happened if Ohr ends up being fired like Strzok, stating in a very somber voice, “I don’t know exactly what these targeted attacks by the White House and congressional Republicans will ultimately do to the capabilities of the Justice Department and the FBI when it comes to fighting things like Russian intelligence operations in the United States and Russian organized crime and Russian money laundering through American real estate.”

“But you can imagine how satisfying a day like today must have been for a guy like Semion Mogilevich (Russian mobster) to see Bruce Ohr get his turn in the barrel like this,” she continued. “You can imagine how delightful that was for the Russian Mafia. You can imagine what a nice turn of events today must have been when viewed from the perspective of the Kremlin.”

Maddow also mentioned a New York Times story this weekend profiling Bruce Ohr’s long history in leading the American law enforcement efforts against Russian organized crime.