Trump Is Asked If He Likes Canada Or Mexico Better – His Answer Cracks Up The Room

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Donald Trump made those gathered in a room at the White House laugh on Wednesday afternoon with his response to a question about which country he liked more, Canada or Mexico.

Trump was in the Roosevelt Room hosting a roundtable on drug-free communities when reporters had the chance to ask him some questions.


“I spoke to [Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] yesterday, we had a very good talk. I spoke to him a couple of times,” the president said.

“Hey he called me, I didn’t call him,” Trump responded to a reporter. “He was very nice. He couldn’t have been nicer. We’ll see what happens. I love Canada. You know what, I love Mexico, too.”

Then, when asked if he preferred either Mexico or Canada over the other, he said, “Like them both the same.”

The entire room then began laughing.

Earlier this week, the president announced a new deal NAFTA deal with Mexico. The new agreement includes the U.S. and Mexico with negotiations with Canada set to begin Monday. (RELATED: NAFTA Breakthrough: Trump Strikes New Deal With Mexico)

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