Tucker Doesn’t Hold Back Feelings On New Wave Of Radical Left Candidates

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his show by lambasting the current state of the Democratic party and its support for policies — including abolishing ICE, free healthcare and gun-control — on Wednesday night’s show.


Carlson acknowledged the intense media coverage of divides existing within the Republican party, but then drew attention to the deviation and growing insurgence of far-left candidates nationwide.

“The Democratic Party is transforming before our eyes. The party of Tom Foley, Tip O’neill and even Bill Clinton is long gone. Pretty soon the party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be history, too. In its place is emerging something new, the party of Andrew Gillum,” Carlson said.

Fox aired several media hits of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum advocating for the impeachment of President Trump, abolishing ICE and free healthcare. Tucker then blasted pundits who speculate that Gillum has no chance of winning the election. (RELATED: CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE WANTS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO GET FREE HEALTH CARE)

“They were embarrassingly wrong in the last election and they have learned precisely nothing since. Amazingly, they are still in the predictions business when they should be selling aluminum siding or doing something useful. Ignore them. Of course Andrew Gillum can win. You ought to be taking his candidacy very seriously,” Carlson warned.

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