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CNN’s Brian Stelter Promised Us He’d Be On Vacation This Week – What Happened?

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN’s alleged media reporter Brian Stelter is on vacation this week. We don’t know this because he’s suddenly missing from the political bubble. We know it because he claimed that he had temporarily disabled his Twitter feed — to, ahem, spend time with the fam — but then we were forced to see the contents of his large head spilling out into the Twittersphere.

All. Week. Long.

Can’t we have seven days of no Stelter in peace?

The short answer is: No.

Four days prior to the alleged vacation, The Mirror quietly received word that Stelter would be off starting Sunday night.

His colleague, Oliver Darcy, has taken over his late-night newsletter, which he began publishing Sunday. But there’s Stelter….hovering. We are subjected to his amateur sunset photograph that insists he’s on vacation when he’s really incessantly working half the time.

Is there anything more annoying?

Well, yeah.

Maybe the worst of this Stelter windstorm arrived in our inboxes Wednesday night when he shared what amounts to a big fat lie in the nightly newsletter written by Darcy.

Stelter’s vacation diaries 

“Stelter emails: Uninstalled Twitter. [FAKE NEWS] Went into town for coffee and newspapers. [WHO CARES?] Took Sunny too the bay. [CUTE, BUT STILL WHO CARES?] We picked out seashells. [DITTO] Fish and flatbreads for dinner. [WE NEED TO KNOW THIS?] Went to see “Crazy Rich Asians: with Jame, We loved it. [REALLY, NO ONE CARES]”

There are gobs of journalists and pundits able and willing to bash President Trump this week — there is really no need for anti-Trump Stelter to stop his sunny non-vacation to tweet and retweet other people’s shit.

Brace yourselves: This is his pinned tweet.


On Tuesday, Stelter took time away from his daughter, Sunny, who he dressed in a “Democracy Dies in Darkness” onesie when she was an infant, to retweet a story by WaPo‘s Philip Rucker that bashes Trump. Why? Won’t there be more of this next week? Clearly Stelter has come down with a serious case of FOMO.

“Trump has his Cabinet. Then he has his cable news Cabinet: Hannity, Tucker, Lou Dobbs and, of course, Judge Jeanine,” Stelter wrote, promoting the piece.

(Incidentally, when I mentioned the onesie to a D.C. journalist, the writer replied, “I imagine Stelter himself would stretch it out so that he could wear it.”)

Stelter also felt some burning need to weigh in on Trump going after Google for ostensibly making him look bad.

“He’s not just running against the media now, he’s running against Silicon Valley,” Stelter annoyingly chimed in.

Also on Tuesday: Stelter received a message from Dylan McLemore, a media researcher, and had to send a public response.

“Hey, no, am on vacation this week actually! how long are you in NYC? DM me,” he wrote.

Follower “Penny D.” summed her feelings up like this: “Take a permanent vacation, and let someone who isn’t a partisan hack take over.”

Have a great vacation Brian! We’ll see you when you return and obviously before that ever happens.