President Trump Explains How The Media Will Cover Protester Getting Thrown Out Of Rally

(Fox News 8/30/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump threw a few barbs at the media for how he expected them to cover a woman who was being escorted out of his rally in Indiana on Thursday night.


The crowd began changing “USA! USA! USA!” as the woman was being escorted out of the arena.

“Where the hell did she come from?” the president asked. He was answered by boos from the crowd.

He continued, “And now tomorrow, that’s one person, and now tomorrow you’re going to read headlines, ‘Trump had protesters all over the place.’ One person, one person. Major protests. But are are they going to talk about the thousands and thousands of people inside of this arena? And outside of the arena where we put screens? No.”

President Trump was at a rally in Evansville, Indiana on behalf of Mike Braun who is running for the Senate. Braun is going up against the incumbent, Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

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