Serial Killer’s Belongings Auctioned Off To Help His Victims’ Families


Zachery Schmidt Contributor
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Todd Kohlhepp sits in a prison cell after being sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences for killing seven people, and he just recently pled guilty to two more murders. In an effort to help his victims’ families, an auction sold off the serial killer’s personal belongings.

On Aug. 30, buyers arrived at the Woodruff, South Carolina, auction in cars to pick up over 550 items they bought to help benefit the victims’ families. Items sold in the short-sale auction included tools, ATVs, cars and artwork, according to the Greenville Online.

People got the chance to view items available at Kohlhepp’s 96-acre property last week.

Meares Land and Auction Company owner Darron Meares told the Greenville Online that Kohlhepp’s connection to the auction made people more interested, and this was “the shortest auction to get posted online and sold.”

Jacob Green, a buyer who purchased a yard sign for $120, did a property transaction with the serial killer but did not expect anything odd about the former real estate agent.

“As sick as that may sound, I’m in real estate, he was in real estate,” Mann told Greenville Online. “It’s one of those things where I did a deal with him in the past and certainly never thought he’d have the capability to do what he did. It’s just the fact that I communicated with him.”

Police arrested Kohlhepp in 2016 after police found Kala Brown “chained like a dog” on his property. Later, police found Brown’s boyfriend dead on his property, according to CBS News.

Kohlhepp showed investigators where two other bodies were buried on his property and admitted to a 2003 “Superbike Murders” where four people were killed in a South Carolina motorcycle shop. Earlier this month, the serial killer located two more bodies for authorities.

Last week, Brown successfully won a $6.3 million lawsuit against Kohlhepp. Brown sued him for assault, battery and false imprisonment.