Head Of ACLU Argues Trump Admin. Passport Denials Are ‘The Latest In A Series Of Inhumane Acts’

(CNN 8/30/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Susan Herman, president of the ACLU, bashed the Trump administration after a Washington Post story alleged that they are denying more passport renewals to U.S. citizens near the southern border than previous administrations on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.”


“Just to catch everybody up to speed,” Chris Cuomo began, “Bush did it. Obama did it. Why? Midwives. They thought that midwives were part of a scam to get people who aren’t born in this country fake papers and get in here and you couldn’t tell the difference. It was a problem.”

“As you say, you people of Mexican ancestry, who had been born near the border, who had birth certificates,” Herman responded. “And because it was possible that some of those birth certificates might not have been legitimate, the government was making people prove that their birth certificates were legitimate, which is virtually impossible.”

“This, of course, is just the latest in the series of inhumane acts, starting with the Muslim ban and the mass deportations and the family separation, but going after American citizens is a whole new level,” she continued.

The Post’s article made headlines because it said, “Passport denials and revocation appear to be surging” under President Trump. It was pushed as another Trump provocation against immigrants. (RELATED: WaPo Buries Bush/Obama Connection To Pin State Department Policy On Trump Administration)

Despite the WaPo reporter’s claims, the state department has come out and refuted the details of the report. According to their records, the number of people who have had their passport renewals denied in 2018 is actually at a six-year low. (RELATED: State Department Refuted WaPo Story- Passports To Citizens Denied More Under Obama Than Trump)

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