Megyn Kelly: Obama ‘Swung The Pendulum’ Too Far On Campus Sexual Assault

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly said Friday that former president Barack Obama “swung the pendulum too far” against those accused of sexual assault on college campuses.


Kelly was reporting on Department of Education secretary Betsy DeVos’ plan to bolster the rights of the accused when she argued that Obama’s sexual assault guidelines were unfair and gave too much power to accusers.

“I would submit that the Obama administration overcorrected the problem and swung the pendulum too far back against the accused, completely eroding their due process rights,” Kelly said, promising to share an example that the audience “probably wouldn’t hear elsewhere in the media.”

The former Fox News host shared the story of a male college student who was found guilty of rape by his university even though the “victim” in the case didn’t feel that she was raped.

“How is that fair?” Kelly proclaimed.

“If you get accused of sexual assault on a college campus, you do not have the right to have your attorney in the proceeding with you,” Kelly explained. “You have a very limited right to cross-examine your accuser. You have almost no rights of discovery, no rights to see what the woman has said in texts and so on to others.”

“Our Constitution has a due process clause. They’re entitled to due process,” she concluded.

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