Michael Eric Dyson Goes On Anti-Trump Rant During Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

(HLN 8/31/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson went on a rant against the president and even suggested that Hillary Clinton won the election during his eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday.

He began his speech saying listing people who were in attendance including, “President Clinton and her husband Bill.” (RELATE: Anti-sEMITE Louis Farrakhan Spotted In The Front Row At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral)

“Then this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leach, you dopey doppelgänger of deceit and deviance, you lethal liar, you dimwitted dictator, you foolish fascist,” Dyson continued. “She [didn’t] work for you, she worked above you. She worked beyond you. Get your preposition right. Then he [has] the nerve to say he’s going to grab it. That’s not what Aretha Franklin said. I’m going to give you something that you can feel.”

Dyson has been very vocal in his condemnation of the president and that was on display during his eulogy. (RELATED: Georgetown Prof: Trump ‘Excretes The Feces Of His Moral Depravity)

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