Alyssa Milano Argues Press ‘Coddled’ Trump, Didn’t Do Enough To Stop Him

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actress Alyssa Milano stumped a former CIA analyst with her assessment of the 2016 election and the reason that Donald Trump was ultimately elected president.

The HillTV host Buck Sexton, who worked as an intelligence officer for four years, was taken aback when Milano attempted to pin the rise of Trump on a media that didn’t “do enough” to stop him.


“We have not called out the absurdity for the last — I don’t know — two and a half years, since our president started campaigning to be president,” Milano began, “because the media didn’t call out how absolutely absurd this was …”

Eyebrows raised, Sexton interrupted, “You don’t think the media’s hostile enough to Trump?”

“I’m talking about two and a half years ago,” Milano explained, “when he started to run in his campaign, the fact that the media actually normalized some of what he did — and continues to normalize it instead of going, ‘Can you believe how crazy this is?'”

Sexton countered, pointing out that any number of White House correspondents and news personalities would argue that “they are doing everything that they can to raise as many alarms as they can.”

“I don’t think it’s enough,” Milano shot back, claiming that the press and the American people had “coddled” Trump despite the accusations of 18 women, and went on to argue that “the #metoo movement had power because this man was president.”

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