Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill Accuses Democrats Of Ignoring Allegations Against Keith Ellison

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The Daily Caller’s video columnist Stephanie Hamill accused the Democratic party of purposely ignoring abuse allegations against Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, on “Fox & Friends First” Saturday.

“You would think that the #MeToo movement people, the women’s march, the Democrat leadership, you think they would be speaking out about this,” Hamill said. (RELATED: Antifa ‘Are The Real Fascists’ Says Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill)

“You would think that this would be enough to generate the protests across the country where people are storming the streets in their pink clothing and their silly hats. But, for some reason it seems like when the people that are being accused that happen to be Democrats, then it is — there are victims that aren’t really believed in this case.”

Hamill said the DNC has been investigating the allegations for weeks, but continues to stonewall the press to protect the party’s brand.

“The DNC has been investigating this for a couple weeks now, but they’re not giving out any information,” she continued. “The Daily Caller has reached out multiple times through email, through phone calls and pretty much the DNC is stonewalling.”

Hamill claimed the DNC knew about the allegations against Ellison “for some time,” but wanted to protect his candidacy for state attorney general.


“The DNC knew about the allegations against Ellison for some time. And they didn’t release a statement about it until just a few hours before he won his primary for attorney general in Minnesota. And there were several other qualified Democratic candidates, including a woman,” Hamill declared.

“So they could have given them a chance to move forward in this race. And so instead, they released a statement just a couple hours before, and it’s hard not to believe that this wasn’t calculated. They didn’t want to hurt his campaign, and like I said, these allegations are extremely serious and extremely disturbing.”

Ellison has been accused of emotional and physical abuse against his ex-girlfriend, and Hamill accusedthe Democratic party of hypocrisy, especially in light of the #MeToo movement.

“This is pretty damaging stuff for the Democratic Party, and I guess what really bothers me is the hypocrisy,” she concluded.

“So, the Democrats they claim that they’re the champions of women and they’re the big proponents of this #MeToo movement. And they’ll jump on any conservative who’s accused of anything. Yet, and, you know, they’re against due process in this sense. Everyone deserves due process.”

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