Judge Jeanine To Jeff Sessions: ‘Resign Immediately’

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Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his inaction on investigating prominent Democrats.


“What don’t you get?” Pirro asked, directing her comments at Sessions. “Have you no self-esteem, self-regard, self-respect? Where is your dignity? Why would you stay in a job where you are not wanted, a job you took under false pretenses, knowing you wouldn’t be able to do the complete job? And why do you continue to stay? Nobody elected you, Jeff, voted for you or petitioned to make sure got the job. You certainly are not entitled to the job. You groveled and begged for the job and out of loyalty he gave it to you. You are so clueless, you don’t even know you are being used. You don’t even know you are nothing but a shill.”

“In fact, the only constituency that wants you is the deep state that needs someone to re-protect their flank from an investigation,” she said before naming a list of Democrats not being investigated by the Justice Department. “Are you proud of yourself? You have taken the blindfold off Lady Justice and weighted the scales in favor of anyone who is a Democrat and refused to do your job to prosecute corruption by the Democrats.” (RELATED: Trump Calls On Sessions To End Mueller Investigation)

The segment ended with Pirro calling for Sessions to “Resign immediately because you are not wanted or put on your big boy pants and be a real attorney general.”

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