Ellison Accuser Refutes His Daughter’s Claims That Allegations Are False


Mike Brest Reporter
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Karen Monahan, the former girlfriend of Congressman Keith Ellison, on Saturday refuted claims made by Ellison’s daughter who said the allegations of domestic abuse are false.

Monahan tweeted on Saturday at The Daily Caller’s account, saying, “[Keith Ellison] KNOWS these statements are not true. Defamation of character is wrong. As a father he should protect her and encourage her to be truthful.”

Her tweet was in response to a Daily Caller article titled, “Keith Ellison’s Accuser Brings His Daughter Into It.” The piece detailed one of Monahan’s tweets directed towards Ellison in which she suggested Ellison’s daughter was hurting. It now appears that the tweet was in response to a Facebook post made by Ellison’s daughter, Amirah Ellison.

“Many people—including, probably, many people reading these words—believe Karen. That reality both gives me hope for the beautiful momentum that the #metoo movement has built, and a profound anger at the injustice of these false accusations. But Karen Monahan is exploiting a movement. She is banking on those who have nothing but good intentions to believe her,”Amirah Ellison wrote on Facebook back on August 18.

Her post also described Monahan’s relationship with her father and her interactions with Monahan.

Her statement also went on too say, “I sincerely hope that Karen finds the closure she needs for whatever grief she is holding. I hope that she finds peace. I also hope, not only for my family but for the good people who support her, that she corrects this horrible mistake, that she admits there is no video because there was no incident, and that she reckon with her anger in a more honest way.”

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