Lanny Davis Defends CNN, Takes Blame As He Explains Trump Tower Claim Backtrack

Fox News screengrab

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Michael Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis on Sunday defended CNN and “took responsibility” for his role as an anonymous source in a story that purportedly confirmed that President Trump was aware of the infamous Trump Tower meeting.


“I took this responsibility because I was unsure about the issue of the Trump Tower meeting, and I thought that there were other people that could have been in the room, and that it was up to journalists to go look at that,” Davis told Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. (RELATED: CNN STILL STANDING BY TRUMP TOWER STORY AFTER LANNY DAVIS ADMITS TO LYING … AGAIN)

“Did you ever confirm to CNN reporters this allegation about the Trump Tower meeting off the record?” Kurtz asked.

“I was never sure in my confirmation,” responded Davis. “I was uncertain and in fact I expressed my uncertainty, but not clear enough. So I can understand that they interpreted what I said as a confirmation and have not blamed CNN. I have blamed myself for not being more clear that in my mind, I did not know the details about that meeting and I should not have encouraged any reporter.”

“I thought it was very important not to blame CNN, not to blame anyone other than myself,” he added before offering a lesson to those dealing with the media. “Don’t even float stories … unless you have a certainty of the facts and you’re asking reporters to go look to confirm those facts.”

“You’re saying now as Michael Cohen’s lawyer that you don’t believe your client had any direct knowledge of the president allegedly supposedly ostensibly knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer. Am I right on that?” asked Kurtz.

“I can’t tell you what Mr. Cohen has told me except I can say to you that I’m not sure he did and that it requires additional reporting, and I’m not sure he did not,” responded Davis. “I know that there’s a lot of fuzzy memories here, there are people in and out of the room with Mr. Trump all the time.”

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