Reporter Vs. Marine: The Shooting Simulation Challenge

(Photo credit: The Daily Caller)

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Whether they are dealing with loaded weapons or not, it turns out reporters don’t stand a chance against the Marines when handling a firearm.

In the latest episode of “Reporter Vs. Marine,” Ford Springer and Richie McGinnis of The Daily Caller, and Leah Jessen of The Daily Caller News Foundation, went up against three Marines in a shooting simulation. The journos gave it their best shot but, as usual, they were promptly embarrassed and humbled.

“Reporter Vs.” is a web series where TheDC puts its reporters into the shoes of professionals who face adversity that is unimaginable to a pencil pushing member of the fourth estate. At most news outlets, reporters might be afraid to try, and fail, at a new task. But not at TheDC. We have no problem filming our reporters’ fails and then broadcasting it to the rest of the world. If there is such a thing as blue collar journalism, it would probably look something like The Daily Caller’s “Reporter Vs.” series.

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