Joe Scarborough Says Liberals And ‘Hollywood Types’ Can’t Stand Having Their ‘Basic Views Challenged’


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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said the left wing of American culture and “Hollywood types” can’t stand having their views challenged, Tuesday on “Morning Joe.”

Scarborough was referring to the backlash against former White House adviser Steve Bannon, after he was disinvited to a festival being held by The New Yorker in October. Several high-profile actors and Hollywood stars refused to show up until Bannon was taken off the program. (RELATED: Scarborough Says Steve Bannon Is More Powerful Outside The White House)

“This is, I think a recurring problem,” Scarborough said. “I think there’s a recurring problem that liberals have. And I’ve seen it my whole life — whether on college campuses or now late-night TV, certainly in most of American popular culture. They don’t get their basic views challenged.”


Scarborough said even though he disagrees with Bannon, he’s a person of interest and is worth debating.

“[Bannon] is relevant. So what I would want to know as a conservative, if this were happening on the left who is this person? I want to sit down. I want to challenge him or her and I want to defeat them with my ideas,” he added.

“Running and hiding — you’ll remember this. During the 2016 campaign … If we even suggested that Donald Trump could win on this set the last three weeks, we were bombarded with angry tweets and ‘how dare you, you racist.’ Liberals can’t hide their heads in the sand anymore, and that’s what this is doing.”

“You need to listen to your opponents and learn from your opponents,” Scarborough concluded.

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