Kavanaugh’s Mom Wipes Away Tears As Her Son Takes Mic At Hearing

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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At the end of a long first day of confirmation hearings on Tuesday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh took the mic and gave his opening statement. His mother, Martha Kavanaugh, was seated just behind him.

She could be seen wiping away tears as he wrapped up his statement with a few heartfelt comments about his family.


Kavanaugh, who has often talked about his mother, appeared to choke up a little himself when he spoke of his father’s unparalleled work ethic, a shared love of sports and “a lifetime of friendship, forged in stadium seats over hot dogs and beer.”

His mother could be seen nodding along as he spoke, smiling and wiping proud tears from her eyes as he then talked about his daughters. “Margaret is the sweetest girl that you will ever know,” he said of his oldest. “As for Liza, I tell her every night that no one gives a better hug than Liza Kavanaugh.”

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