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Morning Mirror: This Journo Doesn’t Want You To Hire Her Just Because She Has Ovaries

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“The list of people I’d like to see eaten by rats grows longer by the day.”

Rick Wilson, GOP media guy.

Trump behaves ‘unusually’ with reporters — even for him 

“Unusual. Reporters were called to gather for an outing with President Trump. Once in the vans, he emerged from the White House and boarded the motorcade, but then got out and walked back inside the residence, per @ betsy_klein.” — Kaitlan Collins, CNN White House correspondent.

Politico reporter has writer’s block 

“I’m at the point in the writing process where I’m taking out the trash and thinking about doing the dishes.” — Michael Kruse, senior staff writer, Politico.

The Fashion Critic 

“Shorts are for the gym or the beach. That’s it, men.” — Jack Posobiec, correspondent, One America News, Trump supporter.

Ana Navarro is ’emotionally drained’ from funeral watching 

“Lord. I’m emotionally drained from watching a week chock-full of funeral services for 2 extraordinary Americans. Now, followed by days of Twitter fights about what happened at those funerals. Time to stop the stupid, and start acting and living inspired by those 2 American icons.” — Ana Navarro, political analyst, CNN.

Reporter admits she’s ‘nuts’ 

“This will probably be called racist against myself or whatever… but I mean it in a good way… never fuck with Puerto Rican women. We are relentless and nuts.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, reporter, The Gateway Pundit.

Female journo: ‘Don’t give me a job because I have ovaries’ 

Pssst….she’s a former host on the all female talk show “The View.” 

“What happened to qualifications? This is the opposite of authentic feminism. Don’t give me a job because I have ovaries. Give it to me because I’m the best for the job. If I’m not, give it to the person who is. As a woman, this mandate nauseates me.” — Jedediah Bila, whose upcoming book is: #DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life. 

She was responding to this: 

“California just took a step toward mandating a woman on every company board. State legislators passed a bill that would require publicly-traded companies there to place at least 1 woman on their boards by the end of next year — or face a penalty.” — CNN.

New Yorker food writer has fond memories of selfies  

“I still think nearly every day about the perfect perfect perfect makeup I put on to go to a big party last year and I showed up and it turns out the party had been the day before so in order not to waste it I just took a ton of selfies on the bus home.” — Helen Rosner, The New Yorker.

White House reporter says Trump is the worst of them all 

“First POTUS I covered – Reagan. Lied & scandals. Bush 41 – argued with in a news conference. Clinton lied & impeached. GW Bush lied about WMDs. Obama jailed whistle blowers. All fought the press. All regularly briefed us. Only one POTUS hides & shutdown the briefing room – Trump.” — Brian Karem, White House reporter, Playboy.

Daily Mail editor defends Eric and Don Jr. 

“No. Eric & Don Jr. didn’t ‘spend’ $200,000. Secret Service did. Can you imagine the fallout if a drug lord or ISIS mullah kidnapped one of them? It could spiral into a national security crisis. Whatever CREW’s partisans say, it’s money well-spent based on longstanding policy.” — David Martosko, U.S. political editor, Daily Mail.

He was responding to this:

“In one month, Don Jr. and Eric Trump spent over $200,000 in taxpayer money on Secret Service protection for their trips for the president’s business.” — CREW, Citizens for Ethics.

Piers Morgan is just not that into obese women

Greta Van Susteren wore two different shoes on her way to pick up tickets for Sen. John McCain’s funeral.

“Sen McCain would appreciate this as he had good sense of humor ..I went to pick up the tickets to his funeral on Friday and discovered when I got there I had 2 different shoes on…ugh.”– Greta Van Susteren.

When a follower wanted to know how she got invited… she replied, “I made (as you say) ‘the cut’ because I have known him professionally for decades and have had coffee with his 106 year old mother weekly for ten plus years.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta stands up for Cosby actor 

“My dad worked in grocery stores for 40 years. I don’t understand @FoxNews ⁦‪is there something shameful about hard work? I’m proud of my dad.” — Jim Acosta, White House correspondent, CNN.

Washington writer covers McCain’s anti-Trump funeral… 

”The fever will break eventually,’ Senator Flake told me outside the Cathedral. ‘It has to.'” — Susan Glasser, columnist, The New Yorker. Read her whole story here.

And this… “The entire funeral is a rebuke of the sitting president. Pretty wild.” — Jon Favreau, host of The Wilderness podcast and former aide to President Obama.

Vox editor mocks ‘goys’

“I am not observant in any way but nothing makes me feel more Jewish in my bones than watching goys take their sweet time before burying the dead.” — Matthew Yglesias, Vox.

>MSNBC producer has ‘marvelous’ day minus news Rachel Dzanashvili, booking producer, MSNBC. =”false” data-watched=”true”>Reporter appalled that The New Yorker wanted Bannon, not her Sulome Anderson, freelance journalist.

Journo says McCain’s funeral wasn’t technically about Trump

“I re-read all the speeches from McCain’s funeral. Nobody attacked Trump. They *praised* honor, decency, character, bipartisanship, and placing country over party. What does it say about Trump that so many people interpreted this as an assault on him personally?” — Ryan Lizza, political correspondent, Esquire, CNN contributor.

This guy calls bullshit on that…  edia=”false” data-watched=”true”>

“I have zero problem with what Meghan McCain said and think under the circumstances she had the right to say any damn thing she wants. But it is silly to pretend Trump was not the intended target of some of her remarks.” — Jim Antle, politics editor, The Washington Examiner.
The AP ridicules Trump for skipping McCain’s funeral service

“President Donald Trump is spending time at his Virginia golf course while the nation’s political elite are gathered at Sen. John McCain’s memorial service.” — The Associated Press.

How Javanka came to attend McCain’s service… Lindsey Graham.

“Ivanka Trump was asked to attend the funeral by @LindseyGrahamSC when they met on Capitol Hill earlier this week and she shared her condolences, per a White House official. Graham said it would be a nice gesture for Ivanka & Jared to attend, but cleared it w/ Cindy McCain first.” — Katie Rogers, White House correspondent, NYT.

KEN CUCINELLI (former Va. AG): “It’s too bad she can’t participate in a funeral instead of lobbing political hand grenades.”

NATASHA BERTRAND (The Atlantic): “His legacy belongs far more to her than it does to you. She can say whatever she damn well pleases.”

JUDD LEGUM (formerly, Think Progress, current: Popular Information): “Meghan McCain blocks me (don’t know why) but I will say as someone who lost his father a couple of years ago that she can say whatever the fuck she wants at his funeral and this criticism is absolute garbage.”

CNN economy reporter is angry at NYC billionaires .

“What is wrong with the billionaires of New York City that nobody would pony up to save the Village Voice?” — Lydia DePillis, CNN Money.