This Oil Less Fryer Will Make Your Favorite Foods More Quickly And More Healthfully

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Everyone loves fried food — you are lying to yourself if you say otherwise. The weight gain, plus heart and cholesterol problems that accompany fried foods are a whole ‘nother story. More and more Americans are switching to air fryers to get what their stomach wants without inflicting unnecessary pain on their body.

Today only, this oilless fryer is 32 percent off. It features 2 trays to cook multiple foods at the same time, all while using less energy AND promising to cook up to 3 times faster.

Normally $100, this oil-less fryer is 32 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $100, this oil-less fryer is 32 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer, Graphite on sale for $67.99

This fryer can make a big difference in your life. Read what the customer Bhump wrote, in a review titled “Replace your oven 100%”:

Another verified customer, Glitteraptor, writes that it is “Delicious, easy, and mesmerizing”:

We used this to cook chicken wings (from frozen) and pork belly (fresh) at the same time, and both came out delicious! Then made a small batch of bacon which crisped up beautifully.
Then made bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and bacon-wrapped avocado slices.
Next used this to cook frozen breaded chicken tenders and tater tots. The chicken came out juicier than if we’d baked it.
Clean up is super easy, even though I keep forgetting to spray the wire racks and baskets to make it rinse faster.

The food is delicious, and juicy. The kitchen doesn’t heat up, and we don’t have to pour gallons of oil in and then figure out how to pour it all back out again. This is FAR superior to a deep fryer, and I can avoid using nasty vegetable oils.

It is very large, otherwise this would LIVE on my counter top because I can see using this for just about anything!

The instructions come with a great guide for temperature and rack position for many common foods, including fresh vs frozen. I cooked things not on the list but was able to get an idea of how to time and temp set based on the many variations they suggest. There’s a recipe book, as well, though all it really does is prove you can make anything in this appliance, there’s nothing particularly spectacular versus what I’d normally make.

The light is very bright when it comes on, and mesmerizing. We couldn’t stop watching the first meal cook – it was fascinating! Best part was that it didn’t heat up the kitchen while it cooked as our oven would have done.

Okay, no, best part was HOW EASY clean up was. Seriously. I’ll be using this for way more meals than I’d originally planned just based on that!

Now that football season is back, this could be a great addition to your tailgating scene. Think about it.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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