Tucker Cries Foul On Dem Calls For ‘Civility’ And ‘Unity’ In Washington, Even As They Bring Chaos To Kavanaugh Hearings

Tucker Carlson criticized the hypocrisy of Democrats who called for “unity and stability” before and during the late Senator John McCain’s funeral, yet insisted on creating chaos during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings on Tuesday.


“As you know, Capitol Hill was in chaos today thanks to the first day of hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” said the Fox News host. “Just a few days ago, you may remember – that was history – but see if you can recall talking heads telling you that John McCain’s funeral, if it meant anything, meant that unity and civility had to return to Washington.”

Carlson then played several clips of people calling for “unity,” “bipartisanship,” and notions like “putting country over party” contrasted with clips of protesters and Democratic senators interrupting the Kavanaugh proceedings. (RELATED: It Took Five Seconds For The Kavanaugh Hearing To Turn Into A Raging Dumpster Fire)

“Country over party, that did not happen today,” said Carlson. “Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa could not even get the hearing started without being interrupted repeatedly by his Democratic colleagues.”

“So, it wasn’t a good day for bipartisanship,” concluded the Fox news host.

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