‘The View’ Hosts Shame Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner For Attending McCain Funeral [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin wasted no time Tuesday attacking Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for paying their respects to Sen. John McCain at his funeral.

The comment came during a panel discussion about how the first daughter and her husband were in attendance “even though” President Donald Trump was not invited to participate, Whoopi Goldberg shared, before mentioning Sen. Lindsey Graham had stated that “no one was there who the family didn’t want there. But we kind of heard something a little different.”

“Yeah. No. I spoke to Meghan [McCain] about this,” new co-host Abby Huntsman shared. “I think the invite came from Lindsey Graham. Look, I’m sure they had final approval of everything. If they had it their way, as was evident in the tone of the funeral, they probably would rather not have had anyone from the Trump family present.”

“They still showed up,” she added. “And I gotta say, there were a number of moments that were awkward, I’m sure, for them to be sitting there. There were a number of shots, whether they mentioned it by name or not, about ‘Make America Great Again,’ about how the country has seemed to change in a way, ad getting back to this love of country and unity that was directed mainly at what was going on.”

“It was good for them to sit there and hear that. Let them sit there,” Joy Behar said. “They put the camera on them a lot. Every single person who spoke had a subtext against Trump. I don’t care what you say. It was there. And they had to listen to that. So, good.”

“I think it was in poor taste that they showed up,” Sunny Hostin said. “I think that the family was very clear about who they wanted there. I’m not sure why Lindsey Graham extended the invitation.”

“Supposedly he cleared it with Cindy McCain,” Behar interjected. “Did he?”

“You have to understand the relationship between the two families,” Huntsman responded. “There’s been criticism of Meghan McCain’s speech, as well. Imagine being the daughter of a war hero and you have the sitting president who, at one point, questioned whether or not he was a hero because he was captured.”

“By someone who has never been to war. Let’s start with that,” Goldberg snapped back.

“They should not have been there,” Hostin interjected. “They should not have been there.”

“So, anyone criticizing her — first of all, we know Meghan on the show, and she was who she was and she did a great job with that,” Huntsman shared. “But imagine being in her shoes and being that daughter and feeling those emotions — of someone speaking about your own dad that way — you would have the same exact reaction. I guarantee it.”

“Who crashes a funeral? You just don’t do that,”  Hostin said. “You just don’t do that. I thought it was shameful that they were there. I really do. I stand by that.”

“I don’t 100-percent agree with that,” Behar replied. “She’s not responsible for the stupid things her father says.”

“She’s an adviser to this president,” Hostin slammed back. “She does nothing, in my opinion. I mean, she stands there while he separates families. She stands there while he criticizes people. She stands there when he says all of the racist remarks that he says. And she’s supposed to be his adviser. Now she’s representing, in my opinion, her father at the funeral when her own father was not invited to be there.”