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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Humble Brags Flying On Air Force One

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Hope some of you have enjoyed this momentary calm before the storm (pun totally fucking intended.)” 

Stormy Daniels, porn star who supposedly slept with President Trump in 2006.

NYT reporter who ‘left Twitter’ analyzes Woodward book ON TWITTER… 

“Woodward book mostly builds on real-time reporting, as Wolff and Omarosa books did. Woodward book doesn’t add to the broader understanding of this presidency – but it tells a consistent story, as did the others.” — NYT‘s Maggie Haberman.

WSJ tech columnist begrudgingly goes viral 

(He already hates himself for all the ‘likes’ he’s getting…)

“Have discovered that the key to enjoying Twitter is to be a boring tweeter. Nothing good comes of a tweet that goes viral. So much better to address just that slice of people on here who actually care about your sometimes obscure interests. The irony of this tweet going viral is not lost on me. Glad others found it valuable but dang it, I kind of hate this new Twitter feature where stuff gets shown to people just because it got a lot of likes. That is not what likes are for!”

Christopher Mims, tech columnist, WSJ.

Journo jokes that she’s now editor of The New Yorker 

(People get fooled anyhow…)

“Some personal news: I’m now the editor of The New Yorker.” — Virginia Heffernan, contributor editor, WIRED.

She explained, “Good and bad news: the bad is that I’m not actually TNY editor — just a joke b/c Bret Stephens says Twitter edits the magazine now. Good: we all edit the New Yorker and that means you Ric!”

Headline of the Day: “The Twitter trolls attacking my work are all wrong.”

Washington Examiner and CNN’s Salena Zito explains the harassment she has received on Twitter and the moment it moved her to tears. Here.

This includes left-leaning HuffPost‘s Ashley Feinberg, who wrote, “Take Salena Zito Neither Seriously Nor Literally On Trump Voters.”

Daily Beast media writer throws shade at The Washington Post

“Damn congrats to The Washington Post on obtaining a book written by an editor at The Washington Post.” — Max Tani, media reporter, The Daily Beast.

Reporter: I GOT HACKED! 

“Someone recently hacked into to my twitter account and blocked/unblocked a ton of people – if you were among them, it was unintentional on my part. I have taken proper security measures to safeguard against that in the future.” — Lucian Wintrich, who was fired from Gateway Pundit in August after he appeared on a white nationalist podcast.

Two male journos dream of dying on the job 

“Had a dream that is a true journalist’s nightmare. I was profiling Tom Brady. He was driving his Land Rover (I don’t know if he has a Land Rover). He made an emphatic point to me, and we went off a cliff. And I knew the news would be, ‘Tom Brady and another person were…” — Scott Simon, NPR.

Ron Fournier, formerly with National Journal, Crains, etc…, of course felt the need to chime in here. He — BLECH — humble-bragged, “Something I considered every time I boarded AF1.”

A great story… on the worst food in Washington… here.