Biden To Headline LGBTQ Event


David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Former Vice President Joe Biden is planning to support this year’s LGBTQ-sponsored Human Rights Campaign (HRC) dinner with a keynote speech. As Politco notes, Biden will be lending his name to America’s most prominent LGBTQ advocacy group as it prepares to back its favorite candidates in the fall midterm elections.

Biden was at the 2015 dinner when he was on the precipice of jumping into the 2016 presidential election. He opted not to at that time. But it’s decision time for Biden again as he weighs his options for 2020 in a potential match-up with President Donald Trump. Until he makes up his mind, Biden remains a mainstay at Democratic events across the country as he stumps for candidates.

Biden is a favorite in the LGBTQ movement because he was one of the first prominent Democrats to publicly support same-sex marriage at a time when even Barack Obama saw the issue as a political minefield.

HRC president Chad Griffin refers to Biden as “a strong voice for the vulnerable and a bold advocate for LGBTQ people.”

HRC hopes to influence the electoral outcomes in six states: Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin. Their plan is to deploy workers, make phone calls, endorse candidates, provide activists and register voters.

Biden will not be the only potential presidential hopeful at the HRC dinner. Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, who has also mused about taking on the president in 2020, will also be in attendance.

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