Driver Intentionally Rams Truck Into Local Fox Studio

Fox 4

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A driver intentionally rammed his pickup truck into a local Fox affiliate in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday morning and started “ranting.”

Shannon Murray, a reporter for Dallas’ Fox 4, posted photos of the “scary moment” on Twitter and indicated that the bomb squad was investigating a package the man left behind.

After the man drove his truck into the side of the building, he reportedly started “ranting,” although the station did not share the details of his tirade.

“It appears he was in some kind of agitated mental state,” Cpl. Deborah Webb, a police spokesperson, said. “Not really sure what the issue is and why he was doing this today.”

“He’s in custody now, but the bomb squad is on its way,” Fox 4 explained. “He left behind a suspicious bag.”

No one was injured in the incident, but photos show stacks of paper scattered around the scene, shattered glass, and the suspect in handcuffs.

Reporters say the man was placing boxes next to the building that were “filled with stacks of paper.”

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