Everyone Saying Kavanaugh Didn’t Want To Shake Parkland Father’s Hand — Video Tells Totally Different Story

Screenshot ABC News

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Outrage ensued at the Confirmation Hearing for SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh after the judge appeared to snub the father of a Parkland shooting victim on Tuesday. Closer investigation, however, reveals a story that’s not so cut-and-dry.


At first glance, it does admittedly look as though Kavanaugh turns his back on Fred Guttenberg, who extends his hand to the judge and reportedly says, “My daughter was murdered in Parkland.”

But upon further observation, when Kavanaugh turns back to see who is approaching him, a member of his security detail intervenes to move him along, thus not allowing any physical or verbal interaction with the gentleman.

While it does seem cold and harsh to not allow the judge to greet a man who carries such grief, the security guard appears to have moved Kavanaugh along.

It’s also important to note that with all the mayhem and protestors that made their way into the day-long hearing, Kavanaugh’s skepticism of being approached by someone he doesn’t know would be understandable.