John Kerry Defends Iran Deal: ‘The Strongest, Most Intrusive’ Agreement

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Secretary of State John Kerry touted the Iran Deal as one of the strongest most intrusive nuclear agreements ever made during his appearance on “The View” Wednesday.


“We thought it was important to give them back their money because it was earning massive amounts of interest because we were under court agreement with respect to that money. And the American taxpayer was going to be paying literally billions of dollars to Iran,” Kerry said. “So it was better to give them the smaller amount, which was their money, than to wait until it got bigger and put the burden on the American people.”

“They don’t tell the truth. The Iran nuclear agreement — I say this straightforwardly — is the strongest, most intrusive, most accountable nuclear agreement that we have anywhere on the planet,” he continued.

The hosts of “The View” also asked him if he planned on making a run for president in 2020. Trump has encouraged him to run. (RELATED: Trump Weighs In On John Kerry Running For President In 2020: ‘Looks Really Good – For Me!’)

“I think the administration has made a terrible mistake because what they’ve done is — the president has pulled out of the agreement. Others are trying to stay in it,” he added. “So if he did have to go to war, believe me, those other countries are not going to be supportive of the United States in the way they would’ve.”

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