April Ryan Accuses White House Of Attacking Her Because Of Her Race

Comedy Central

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN political analyst April Ryan accused the White House of being racist and claimed they are trying to destroy her career in journalism.


Ryan claimed in an interview with Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah on Wednesday night that the Trump administration is tougher on her because of her race.

“Do you think that maybe some of their retaliatory feeling toward you is that it feels like you are doing something that’s oppositional because you’re a black woman?” Noah asked.

“If you can taste it, smell it, touch it, it is what it is,” Ryan responded, earning applause from the crowd.

Ryan, a White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, also accused the White House of deliberately trying to destroy her career.

“I have asked questions from Bill Clinton to now and I think I am an equal opportunity offender,” Ryan declared. “I ask questions for answers and for truth and this administration … they’ve taken it to another degree.”

“In what way?” Noah pressed.

“Trying to discredit me. Trying to kill my career. Trying to make me look as if I’m someone I am not,” she replied. “I am a journalist, I am not an activist journalist.”

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