Chris Murphy Claims NYT Op-Ed Author Accomplished Nothing And Only Made Trump ‘More Paranoid’

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Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut claimed a New York Times op-ed authored by an anonymous Trump administration source has only made things worse and will likely make President Donald Trump “more paranoid.”

Murphy said there are better ways to resist the Trump presidency and claimed the article may trigger Trump to initiate a purge of White House staff. (RELATED: Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy Hails YouTube And Facebook For Banning Alex Jones, Says They Didn’t Go Far Enough)

“I’m not sure how it actually solves the problem that this person is identifying,” Murphy said on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday. “Frankly, if you’re concerned about the stability of the president and the stability of the nation, I’m not sure why would you prick him in the side — make him even more paranoid and perhaps having a purge inside the White House of anyone that he suspects to be connected with mainstream Republican causes.”


Murphy accused the anonymous source of protecting their own interests and trying to cover themselves on the backend, so they can continue to work in Washington after Trump leaves the White House.

He said:

This seems more like someone trying to protect the job interests of those inside the administration who want to work in Washington after this disaster is over. I’m not celebrating the authorship of this piece, also because it’s not terribly surprising. We have plenty of other reporting that tells us this president is paranoid, that he’s unstable, that he has to be managed on a daily basis … it probably just makes the situation inside the White House even worse.

“There are plenty of other ways that this person could have gone about disclosing this information,” Murphy said. “I heard someone else say last night that this would have made a pretty important resignation letter. … If you care so much about this country, then why are you inside the White House trying to smooth out the edges of this president?”

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