Joe Biden Caught On Video Calling Tracker ‘A Real Pr**k’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Vice President Joe Biden was caught on camera calling a tracker for America Rising a “real prick” on Monday.

In a short video posted to Youtube by America Rising PAC, Biden looks right at the camera and says, “you’re a real prick.” A woman in a white t-shirt near Biden appears to be trying to cover the tracker’s camera with her hand.


The video was captured during a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event was touted by Politico as an indication that Biden is seriously considering a 2020 presidential run. (RELATED: Biden Says He’d Have ‘Beat The Hell’ Out Of Trump In High School)

As Biden walks away from the tracker, the woman in the white shirt keeps waving her arms and trying to block the shot.

Politico wrote about the encounter with some snark, explaining, “there was … a young man from the Republican attack group America Rising following along with his own camera, mumbling questions and then remarking with staged wonder into the camera that Biden wouldn’t answer them.”

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