Benghazi Survivor Refuses To Stand Down As Obama Attacks Benghazi ‘Wild Conspiracy’ Theorists

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Obama accused the GOP of meddling in conspiracy theories while giving a much-anticipated political speech at the University of Illinois Friday.

Obama scoffed at some of the GOP’s agenda items in his speech, critiquing the Republican-control Congresses.

“This Congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws to give billionaires outside influence over our politics, systematically attacked voting rights to make it harder for young people and minorities and the poor to vote, handed out tax cuts without regard to deficits, slashed the safety net wherever it could, cast dozens of votes to take away health insurance from order Americans…” Obama started.

The former president then accused the GOP of “embracing wild conspiracy theories — like those surrounding Benghazi. Or my birth certificate.”

The line caused laughter in the audience. But one veteran and Benghazi survivor was not laughing.

Kris Paronto was in Benghazi when Islamic extremists overran a U.S. embassy and consulate, killing four Americans. Paronto, a former U.S. Army Ranger, was working as a CIA security contractor at the time.

Paronto called Obama a “cowardly ass” and “scum” for referencing Benghazi in the speech.

“Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama ?!” Paronto tweeted, “How bout we do this, let’s put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies & shoot rpg’s & Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for U.S. support that you never sent.”

The Obama administration was harshly criticized for their lethargic reaction to the attack and misleading statements and accusations about the nature of the attacks.

The handling of the Benghazi attack hounded Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency and is widely seen as one of Obama’s greatest foreign policy blunders.