There Are Over A Dozen Democrats Considering Running Against Trump In 2020

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With the midterm elections only two months away and the 2020 presidential election just over two years away, many Democrats are already eyeing a run to challenge President Trump. Here is a list of several people who have expressed interest in potentially running.


Joe Biden: The former vice president has not declared whether or not he’s going to run for president. He previously ran two unsuccessful presidential campaigns in 1988 and 2008. Trump has stated on multiple occasions that he would love to run against Biden. (RELATED: Trump: ‘I Dream’ About Running Against Joe Biden)

Cory Booker: TheNew Jersey senator is a popular name for the Democrats especially following his antics during the SCOTUS hearings last week. Sen. John Cornyn called Booker out for his presidential aspirations while he was grandstanding. (RELATED: Sen. Cornyn Mocks Booker’s Presidential Ambitions)

Jerry Brown: The California governor’s name has been thrown around recently and he has not refuted any of the rumors that he’d try to gain the nomination.

Julian Castro: The former San Antonio mayor and secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the Obama administration has said he’s interested in running, according to Houston Public Media.

John Delaney: The Maryland representative is actually the only Democrat to officially declare his presidential candidacy.

Eric Garcetti: The Los Angeles mayor has said that he’ll make an official decision about a run in early 2019.

Kamala Harris: The California senator is another Democratic Senator with presidential aspirations. She recently made headlines for her questioning of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Kamala Harris Dismisses Kavanaugh’s Pocket Constitution: ‘That Book You Carry’) 

John Hickenlooper: The former Denver mayor and current Colorado governor did not rule out a potential run in an interview last month.

Eric Holder: The former attorney general told Stephen Colbert that he was contemplating a run for president during an interview on “The Late Show” in July.

Jay Inslee: The governor from Washington recently stated what qualities the Democratic nominee should possess. According to Axios, he has mentioned how climate change should be a staple of the nominee’s platform — and that’s a part of his platform.

John Kerry: The former Secretary of State didn’t rule out a run in an interview with CBS last week. He has been very critical of President Trump.

Terry McAuliffe: The former Virginia governor is allegedly “seriously” considering a run in 2020, according to The Hill.

Martin O’Malley: The former Maryland governor had a failed presidential campaign back in 2016. He is keeping an “open heart and an open mind about running again,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Deval Patrick: The former Massachusetts governor is a close friend of President Obama. He has not ruled out a run yet.

Tim Ryan: The Ohio representative is allegedly considering challenging Nancy Pelosi to lead the party while also weighing the opportunity of running against Trump, according to CNN.

Bernie Sanders: The Vermont senator was the runner up in the 2016 Democratic primary losing to Hillary Clinton. He is expected to be a major player in the upcoming election. Sanders’ likelihood of gaining the nomination could increase with socialist policies becoming more mainstream in the party as a whole.

Eric Swalwell: The California representative confirmed that he is considering a run at the nomination in an interview on CNN last month. (RELATED: Another Democratic Congressman Eyes 2020 Presidential Run)

Elizabeth Warren: The Massachusetts senator has been one of the staunchest anti-Trump Democrats in the Senate. Despite stating on multiple occasions that she wasn’t planning on running, many consider her to be a frontrunner for the nomination. (RELATED: Warren Announces She Won’t Run In 2020)


Michael Avenatti: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer has continued to be in the press for his anti-Trump rhetoric. He has even started touring the country giving speeches to test the waters for a potential presidential run.

Al Sharpton: The reverend has already run unsuccessfully for the senate multiple times has not ruled out running against the president, according to Buzzfeed News.

Howard Schultz: The former Starbucks CEO stepped down in June to focus on his new dedication to public service. Mitt Romney even hosted a donor event for Schultz in July. He’ll be trying to emulate the president’s path from businessmen to leader of the free world. (RELATED: Romney Held Dem Donor Meeting For Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz And It Didn’t Go Well)

Tom Steyer: The billionaire Democrat donor has allegedly expressed interest in doing more than just funding campaigns. However, CNBC reported that he’ll wait to see how Democrats do in the midterm elections before making any decisions.

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