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Morning Mirror: Bagels, Lies, 9-11 Memories And The Art Of Draining Your Twitter Swamp

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quotes of the Day:

“I grew up about 12 miles from the Pentagon. I was only 8, but I remember that day vividly. I was in my third grade art class when someone came onto the PA system. Something had happened, but I didn’t yet know what. One-by-one kids trickled out of my classroom, until it was empty.”

Natalie Johnson, defense and national security reporter, Washington Free Beacon.

Journo gets emotional about cinnamon buns

“I’m so jet lagged and tired that I just cried at how cute the cinnamon buns in IKEA are.” — Jennifer Hassan, world news and social media, Washington Post.

Peter Lattman is vice chairman of The Atlantic.

Maggie Haberman is a political reporter for the NYT.

Journos discuss bagels

Lydia Polgreen, HuffPost EIC: For the record the correct best bagel is a toasted bialy with butter.

Eve Peyser, VICE: Yes!! Bailys are perennially underrated.

Speaking of Peyser… she went through the agonizing process of erasing tweets that could cause her trouble later in life:

“Draining my Twitter swamp is an exercise in total self-abasement, pangs of indignity buzzing wildly into my ear canals like mosquitoes. …Suddenly, I understand the value of keeping some things to myself.”

— Read the whole story here.

Lies, lies and more lies 

“As @POTUS tweets about Bob Woodward, Woodward tells @SavannahGuthrie that Kelly and Mattis are not telling the truth in their denials of comments reportedly made in “Fear.” @TODAYShow. — Hallie Jackson, MSNBC.

“Woodward also said it ‘happens frequently’ that a source will publicly deny something the source told the author – and suggested authors understand that sources have to. @amieparnes and I can attest to that. — Jon Allen, NBC News Digital.

“People lie on the record & tell the truth on background. But how can we in the press convey this to the public?” — Brian Stelter, anti-Trump “media” reporter, CNN.

“And the most cunning trick of all: They also lie off the record, hoping you’ll smuggle it into your copy some day.” — Jonathan Swan, Axios.

“It’s like reporting on smoke.” — Maggie Haberman, NYT, who is STILL TWEETING after declaring she was taking a big break from the medium.

Daily Mail editor gets snappy 

“The President of the United States began the observance of the 17th anniversary of 9/11 by quoting TV show panel guests talking about his political enemies.” — David Martosko.

A follower replied, “So did you.”

Martosko answered him in such a Martosko-ish way: “My job is to report on the president, not to unite 325 million people.”

DJTJ on the anonymous op-ed writer (insert laughter here) 

“When @tarapalmeri asks @DonaldJTrumpJr what crime the anonymous op-ed writer commited, he says ‘subverting the will of the people.'” — Chris Sheridan, senior White House producer, ABC. Tara Palmeri is a reporter for ABC News.

Watch the interview…

Journo welcomes herself back to Twitter

Elise Foley works for HuffPost.

Things are getting meaty for Vox‘s Ezra Klein 

“I spent the day at @ImpossibleFoods where they’re engineering meat that’s better for the environment and produced without animal suffering. Politics is a shitshow right niw, but there are still a lot of people out there trying to make tomorrow better than today.” — Ezra Klein, editor-at-large, Vox.

Gossip Roundup

Vulture: “In a new memoir, Sally Field opens about her decades in Hollywood, and says she was sexually abused by her stepfather.” Here.

Pssst…Michael Moore is the ‘worst person’ 

“If you ask people in entertainment who the worst person they’ve ever worked with or for, Michael Moore is often a name that will come up. I’m sure it’s a reality many people won’t want to accept but it’s the truth. He’s awful.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag.

A real headline: “Donald Trump is Fuckin’ PUMPED to Never Forget 9/11” — Splinter News.

Rob Lowe embarrassed himself on late-night TV…. Even the host makes fun of Lowe’s terrible English accent. Here.