Network Morning Shows Ignore Report Google Interfered In 2016 Presidential Election

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Mike Brest Reporter
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The morning shows on ABC, CBS and NBC all ignored a report that a senior Google employee used the company to try and increase Latino voter turnout in an attempt to assist the Clinton campaign Tuesday morning.

Tucker Carlson broke the story during his show on Monday night. The show obtained an email from Eliana Murillo, a senior Google employee, stating that she used company resources to increase voter turnout in an attempt to help the Clinton campaign. The email allegedly stated that she used their power to make sure millions of people saw specific and pertinent hashtags and posts. (RELATED: Tucker Exposes Google Executive’s Bias To Help Hillary Clinton Win In 2016)

Despite the revelation, none of the morning shows discussed it on Tuesday, according to NewsBusters.

“The email we obtained came from a woman named Eliana Murillo, the head of the multicultural marketing department. She sent the email on November 9th, 2016. That’s one day after the presidential election,” Carlson said during his show on Monday.

He added, “In her email, she touts Google’s multi-faceted efforts to boost Hispanic turnout. She notes Latinos voted in record-breaking numbers especially in states like Florida, Nevada and Arizona — the last of which she describes as ‘a key state for us.’”

Despite the report, ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired an interview with Donald Trump Jr. in which Tara Palmeri pushed back on the president’s son’s claims that tech companies are censoring people on the right.

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