Two Teens Buying Pepperoni Sticks Rob Store After Clerk Collapses From Medical Condition

(Photo: Screenshot/Auburn, Washington Police/Facebook)

Frank Bojazi Freelancer

Two teens and a gentleman thought to be a bit older were in a store when the clerk collapsed due to a medical condition. None of the customers helped him, then two of them robbed the store, KOMO News reports.

After the clerk collapsed, the older male left the premises. The other two eventually left, too, but they returned to rob the store and the cash register, getting away with just under $200, the store manager told KOMO.

The two alleged thieves are now wanted by the police in Auburn, Washington.

The incident was caught on camera and posted to Facebook. Viewers can see the teens step around the clerk’s body, then return to steal items and cash.

Auburn police stated that one of the teens was buying a pepperoni stick and also gave an identical item to the other teen.

The older male tried to pay for something, but the clerk appeared to bill him for the two pepperoni sticks.

One of the teens handed the clerk a $1 bill, which upset the clerk, who came out from behind the counter and spoke to the two.

He then apparently suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

The teen who handed the clerk the dollar then reached down and took his dollar back from the unconscious clerk as the older man walked out.

The two teens robbed the store.

Police in Auburn, Washington are on the lookout.

ABC News later reported that the clerk suffered a heart attack and is in critical condition.