Woodward: Trump Lawyer Called President ‘Disabled’

REUTERS/Alex Gallardo

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Journalist and Washington-insider Bob Woodward told Stephen Colbert Monday night that President Donald Trump’s former lawyer dismissed his client as “disabled” and unable to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller. As The Hill notes, Woodward said that John Dowd told Trump that he just couldn’t “tell the truth” under oath and would therefore be “fitted for an orange jumpsuit.”

Woodward said on “The Late Show” that Dowd told Trump:  “You can’t testify. You, you are disabled.”

Woodward was on the show to promote his latest Washington tell-all, “Fear: Trump in the White House.” When asked by Colbert what Woodward’s greatest fear was, the author responded: “Not knowing,” before clarifying that he meant Americans “need to know what’s going on” in the Trump administration.

Woodward went on about the alleged incident between Trump and Dowd, claiming that it was a kind of dress rehearsal for any formal interview between Trump and Mueller. Dowd supposedly insisted that Trump couldn’t testify because he couldn’t keep his story straight.

“Trump goes ballistic, makes things up, starts screaming. Dowd thought had he been Mueller, he would have been fired right on the spot,” Woodward told Colbert.

Woodward said to Colbert: “I mean, imagine the lawyer, your lawyer, telling you you’re disabled. ‘And you can’t testify because you can’t tell the truth. You just make things up!”

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