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Afternoon Mirror: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Accused Of ‘Losing His Mind’

Quote of the Day:

“I’ve kept notebooks from my time on the road in strip clubs. It’ll blow your mind.”

— Stormy Daniels on ABC’s “The View” Wednesday on her upcoming memoir Full Disclosure.

Journo was following 666 people on Twitter

“I’m following 666 people. That seems . . . wrong. Who should be the 667th person I follow and thus rescues me from the Twitter version of the mark of the beast?” — David French, senior writer, National Review. He’s now at 676.

Bob Woodward’s sources ‘suck’

“Bob Woodward mentioned me by name in his new book. He’s wrong. His sources suck. At least they are ‘anonymous.’ As usual. @realDonaldTrump.” — Robert J. O’Neill, Navy SEAL, NYT bestselling author.

Neera Tanden despises Susan Sarandan 

“I would literally pay for a service to purge @SusanSarandon in every form from my feed. This woman has borne no pain from her stance on Trump and seems perfectly happy at the suffering of others. Kids in cages. But thankfully she’s inspired.” — Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress.

In response to Sarandon… “Donald Trump has, if anything, inspired more women and people of color to run for office, says actress Susan Sarandon.” — Variety.


“I think Juul is really wonderful for getting smokers to stop smoking. Like, I have been Juuling for a few months and haven’t had a cigarette since I started. But if you Aren’t already a smoker you really shouldn’t like start Juuling.” — Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones.

Sheriff David Clarke says Joe Scarborough has ‘lost his mind’

For bookers: He’s also capable of blasting CNN’s Jim Acosta, Don Lemon and “the idiots at The View.”

Read Clarke’s “talking points” below:

“Scarborough is exhibit ‘A’ as to why more and more people do not believe or trust the media and are turning to other sources to get their news.

Scarborough has lost his mind.

His inflammatory rhetoric and outright hate for Donald Trump came through yesterday when he said that President Trump is a bigger danger and that his policies have done more harm than the 9-11 attackers. Really?

I am not one to demand an apology from him. We need to hang this insane babble from Scarborough around his neck and make him wear it for as long as we can. The American people have had it with this irresponsible commentary from Scarborough, Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, the idiots on The View et al. It’s actually having the reverse effect. It’s helping Trump, it’s helping we who support him.”

Journalist has positive experience at Canadian DMV 

“I had to do something at the Canadian DMV yesterday. It was crowded but I was done in 10 minutes. The people working there could not have been nicer. My last visit to a DMV in the States took 3 hours and I thought the lady behind the counter was going to punch me for breathing.” — Sulome Anderson, freelance journalist, bylines in The Atlantic, The Nation, New York Mag and others.


Oliver Willis writes for ShareBlue.

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