John Kerry: ‘Mistake To Talk About Impeachment’

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John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that evidence to impeach President Donald Trump is “not there yet” and that Democrats should wait until Special Council Robert Mueller completes his investigation to talk about impeachment.

Kerry made the comments in a Tuesday afternoon interview with Fox News host Dana Perino.


“I think it’s a mistake to talk about impeachment,” Kerry told Perino. (RELATED: In 150-Page Report, House Intel Republicans Find No Evidence Of Collusion)

“I think that we shouldn’t be politicizing it. If you put it in the discussion now, you are making something political. I think we have to be really careful and be very analytical about whatever evidence is there, and it’s not there yet. Because the Mueller investigation really has to run its course and then you can make an evaluation.” (RELATED: Senate Intel Chairman: 19 Months Into Investigation, Still ‘No Hard Evidence’ Of Collusion)