Man Offers To Fight Police, Officer Pushes Him, And It Escalates Into Brawl Caught On Video


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Police in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are investigating an arrest that was caught on camera and has since gone viral on social media, causing an uproar by viewers who believe that police used excessive force in making an arrest of a man who approached them and allegedly offered to fight.

The video shows 34-year-old John Perez speaking with several police officers before multiple officers wrestle him to the ground and detain him.

According to The Morning Call, the officers were heading back to their vehicles after responding to a call unrelated to Perez.

Perez can be seen in the video approaching the officers. He later told the Morning Call that the officers insulted him and spoke profanities. That’s when he said he offered to fist-fight the officers. In an affidavit, Officer Jose Lebron told Perez to “get out of my face,” and when he did not, Lebron pushed him.

Perez can be seen jumping back to his feet before about four officers move in on him and wrestle him to the ground after a struggle.

Police charged Perez with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The video can be seen here:

Capt. Bill Lake told the Morning Call that the department will investigate the video. “Any incident like this, it is evaluated later,” and “we’ll be taking steps to evaluate this one.”

Perez was eventually released on unsecured bail and went to the hospital.

He sustained minor injuries during the incident and plans to hire an attorney.

He believes he is innocent and stated: “I didn’t have to go through that, you know.”

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