Get Quick, Targeted Muscle Relief With This Cordless Massager That’s 83% Off

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From a tough workout at the gym to hunching over your computer all day, the wears and tears of everyday life can lead to sore and tired muscles. With the Hammer NRG Deep Tissue Body Massager, get quick, targeted relief anywhere with a cordless massager.

Normally $600, this deep tissue massager is 83 percent off

Normally $600, this deep tissue massager is 83 percent off

Hammer NRG Deep Tissue Body Massager on sale for $99

This device makes to easy to treat sore and tired muscles without needing to go to a masseuse. For starters, it gives you deep tissue relief at a moment’s notice. Meaning, thanks to its lightweight and cordless design, you can quickly treat knots, aches, pains, and more everywhere from the comfort of home to the gym or office. Plus, since it’s also ergonomic, using the cordless massager is an absolute breeze, making it enjoyable and straightforward to help your body feel better after a long day.

On top of that, the Hammer NGR Massager gives you the versatility to relieve different parts of your body. With six attachment heads, you’ll get a wide range of massage styles, as well as a built-in facial massager perfect for removing face aches from your body. Even better, you set the right firmness and intensity with every use thanks to its four massage modes and two levels of intensity.

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