Scarborough Sensationalizes 9/11 In Op-Ed, A Purple Heart Recipient Accuses Him Of Making It All About Himself

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Sean Parnell joined the military after 9/11 and was awarded a Purple Heart for the injuries he sustained fighting near the Afghan-Pakistan border.

He called out MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for publishing an op-ed for The Washington Post on the 17th anniversary of the September 11 attacks stating that President Trump is a bigger threat to the United States than the jihadists who committed the horrific events. (RELATED: Scarborough Tries To Walk Back 9/11 Column After Criticism)

“I joined the military because of September 11th,” Parnell told TheDC. While Parnell served to honor the country and the people that lost their lives, he called out Scarborough for making the tragic anniversary all about himself.

Parnell is the New York Times bestselling author of “Outlaw Platoon,” and his first fiction novel, “Man of War,” is now available.

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