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Journo Hate Mail: Washington Post Reporter Gets A Terrible Wake Up Call

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Journalists — particularly Washington scribes — don’t have the best reps as of late. They often get the finger at President Trump‘s raucous rallies. They’ve been booed, physically assaulted, and threatened with rape and death. CNN HQ received multiple calls from a man who said, “I’m coming to gun you all down.”

By comparison, The Washington Post’s White House reporter Seung Min Kim received a rather lighthearted message Monday morning when she got to her desk and picked up her phone.

Michael Steel, who formerly worked for former presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), has advice for her.

“This sort of thing is why just I got rid of my desk phone entirely,” he told Kim.

Her colleague Amber Phillips sympathized with her, saying, “Uuuugh people suck, and you are an amazing reporter we are lucky to have covering all of this.”

It wasn’t a matter of political spectrum for the reporters who tried to soothe her. In this case, even righties were trying to make Kim feel better at a time when Trump constantly refers to much of the media as “fake news” and “disgusting.”

“You’re doing solid work, Seung Min. Keep at it!” Washington Free Beacon‘s Stephen Gutowski cheered.

Doug Stafford, chief strategist for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) had a question: “What’s a desk phone?”

Newsweek‘s Jeff Stein told her to “Have a blessed day!”