Things Get Heated On ‘The View’ Over Kavanaugh Accusations: ‘Timing Very Political’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Things got heated on “The View” as co-hosts debated the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, with Abby Huntsman questioning the “timing.”

“I find the timing very political,” Huntsman shared. “It doesn’t excuse this woman coming out.”

The comments were made during a panel discussion Monday about the timing of Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford and whether or not the Democrats held onto her accusations until it was politically expedient.

“This is a serious allegation from this woman,” Huntsman said. “We live in a different time where, if you’re a Republican Senator, you can’t say, ‘Well, no, we just have to vote and we can’t hear her side of the story.’ Democrats knew that.”

“One thing I love about this country is we’re transparent. We don’t hide from things when they come to the surface,” she added. “Usually the truth will win in the end.”

Huntsman continued, “We should let the process play out and we should hear from both sides. Right now, we’re hearing two completely different stories. What frustrates me though is the politics of all this. It doesn’t take away from what this woman is clearly — I think — I feel for her in this moment because she’s obviously kept this with her, if this is all true, for almost 37 years now.”

“But I hate the politics,” Huntman explained. “Going back to Merrick Garland and what Republicans did in that moment. Dianne Feinstein had this letter where this woman anonymously details what she went through. It seems as if the Democrats put this in a drawer and said, ‘This is big and this is going to benefit us if we use the time perfectly.'”

Whoopi Goldberg responded that the woman asked Dianne Feinstein to keep it private “and she did, and Dianne Feinstein didn’t say anything about this, and we don’t know who leaked.”

It does feel political to me, and I think that’s what a lot of people hate about politics,” Huntsman explained. 

“Isn’t it about time the Democrats played hardball? Come on,” Joy Behar interjected. 

“Yeah, but this is not hardball,” Goldberg argued.

“But let’s say they did,” Behar replied.

Sunny Hostin then explained that “the timeline really doesn’t support that the Democrats somehow kept this a secret intentionally to sort of drop a surprise” and detailed the course of events she said happened that lead to the allegations making headlines.

Huntsman agreed, saying:

“She clearly wanted somebody to know, even anonymously. She didn’t want her name there. But she wanted people to know anonymously. That’s why I say, if you’re a Democrat and you get this letter, if you’re meeting like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer — who will be on the show and we can ask him these questions today — but if you’re one on one with Kavanaugh and you have this letter, and you know what this woman wrote you, why not use that as an opportunity to say, ‘I can’t say her name.'”

“She did sent it to the FBI, and that’s what you do,” Hostin snapped back. 

“I find the timing very political,” Huntsman replied. “It doesn’t excuse this woman coming out. We need to hear it and, obviously, people can make that judgment. But I think I probably speak for a lot of people where it’s frustrating.”

“What should they have done?” Goldberg asked. “If they had come out in July and said. ‘We have this information, we’ve gotten this letter, and we don’t think he should be there,’ people would have said, ‘Well, you just brought that out because he’s our Republican nominee and you don’t like his politics.'”

“The Democrats now know if you bring it out the week before they’re going to have a vote, Republicans have no choice, and now they’re not going to have another nominee until after the mid-terms,” Huntsman responded.

“But they didn’t do that,” Goldberg interjected. “I’m sorry, this all went down because whatever this magazine is — The Intercept —  made a decision to release that. Dianne Feinstein didn’t release that.”

“She sent it to the FBI, which does the background work,” Hostin added. 

“They didn’t release it, the Democrats didn’t release it, and I believe they didn’t release it because they knew they were in a no-win situation.”

Kavanaugh has said that the allegations against him are “completely false” and that he’s “never done anything like what the accuser describes–to her or to anyone.”